How to Become a Referee

To talk to our Referee Development Manager - Ryan Nixon for more information on meeting days and times.  

Contact Details:

North Harbour Rugby, Level 1, North Harbour QBE Stadium in Albany, Auckland. 

Ph 021 206 3994


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Get started on a new path to understand the refereeing of rugby, meet a new group of rugby people and you will be welcomed into a great fellowship of like motivated sports enthusiasts.

On any Saturday during rugby season there are hundreds of games of rugby being player across wider Auckland.

Hundreds of referees volunteer their time to ensure players can have a safe and enjoyable experience while giving back to the community - but there are always teams who miss out. More official referees are required.

While many referees take up the whistle to simply get out on a rugby field each Saturday morning, many others see refereeing as an opportunity to develop their decision making, enhance their management skills and even realise a dream of being a test match referee.

Whatever your ability, age or aspirations -  refereeing caters for everybody!  Refereeing offers

  • The best seat in the house and the opportunity to stay involved with the game
  • Keeping fit and active
  • Full training, supportive environments and opportunity to meet new people

​​​​​​​BE IN THE GAME – 3 Pillars:


• Form of playing rugby

• In the action

• Teamwork, fun and exciting

• Change: “keep your boots on”, “no ref, no game”, “without a ref” To: “In the action all the time”, “teamwork, fun”, “be in the game”


• Pro referees as ambassadors

• Refereeing has a performance pathway

• Promote refereeing to a younger audience

Refereeing is rugby: 

• Physically & mentally active

• Involved in the game and action

• Part of a team